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As TCT SAW BLADE Manufacturers and TCT SAW BLADE Factory, We have an independent and complete manufacturing process, always holding the principle of “Made in Lichang”.

Lichang is a professional manufacturer majoring in producing drill bits, chisels, hole saws, and other tool accessories.

With a land area of 120,000 ㎡, Lichang has five main workshops and 700 machines. Lichang has always taken the lead in equipment investment and advocates for a safer working environment and the completion of quality systems with new technologies in production.

Lichang is a cooperative team consists of more than 400 workers. We supply TCT SAW BLADE Wholesale and we respect and care for our employees, clients, and society and provide our employees with regular and professional training. Over the years, we are constantly improving our technology to create better products for clients.

Lichang strives to supply high-quality products and services. That’s why we have clients from around the world. You can easily discover more than 300 Lichang agents in China and our products are sold in over 80 countries worldwide.

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We have an independent and complete manufacturing process, always holding the principle of “Made in Lichang”.
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We have an independent and complete manufacturing process, always holding the principle of “Made in Lichang”.
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We have an independent and complete manufacturing process, always holding the principle of “Made in Lichang”.


ETCT stands for "Tungsten Carbide Tipped," and a TCT saw blade is a circular cutting tool that features carbide teeth brazed onto its steel body. The carbide tips are extremely hard and can withstand high temperatures and wear, making TCT saw blades ideal for cutting through hard materials such as metal, plastic, and wood.
A TCT saw blade can be used in a range of applications, including woodworking, metalworking, and construction. These blades come in different sizes and shapes to suit different cutting requirements. The teeth on a TCT saw blade can have different configurations, such as alternate top bevel (ATB), triple-chip grind (TCG), and flat-top grind (FTG), among others.
TCT saw blades are durable, efficient, and offer long-lasting performance. They can cut through a wide range of materials with speed and precision, making them a popular choice among professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Application of TCT SAW BLADE:

TCT (Tungsten Carbide Tipped) saw blades are used for cutting various materials such as wood, plastic, and metal. TCT saw blades are particularly effective for cutting through materials that are difficult to cut, such as hardwood or steel.
The TCT saw blade is made up of a high-speed steel body with a layer of tungsten carbide attached to the teeth. Tungsten carbide is an extremely hard and durable material that can withstand the high heat and friction generated during cutting.
When the TCT saw blade spins at high speed, the teeth of the blade cut through the material, generating a lot of heat and friction. The tungsten carbide on the teeth helps to dissipate the heat and resist wear, allowing the blade to make precise cuts through the material.
TCT saw blades come in different shapes and sizes, each designed for specific cutting tasks. For example, a TCT circular saw blade is commonly used for cutting wood, while a TCT chop saw blade is used for cutting metal.
TCT (Tungsten Carbide Tipped) saw blades are a type of circular saw blade that is commonly used in cutting wood, plastic, and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum. TCT saw blades have teeth made from tungsten carbide, a very hard and durable material that is able to withstand the high temperatures generated by the cutting process.
TCT saw blades are designed with different tooth configurations for specific cutting applications. For example, saw blades with fewer teeth are better suited for rough cuts and saw blades with more teeth are better for fine cuts. The tooth geometry can also be optimized for crosscutting or ripping.
In general, TCT saw blades are known for their long life and ability to cut through a variety of materials. However, it's important to select the correct blade for the material being cut and to use the blade according to the manufacturer's guidelines to ensure optimal performance and safety.